June, 2022
“I am a homeowner at Harbor Reach at the Lakes Condos. I experienced multiple issues on my deck that caused water to leak into my garage below. Over the past two years, two projects were completed by different companies, to repair the deck and eliminate the leaking. While both jobs offered some protection, the leak returned after approximately one year.

I am confident that the repair completed by Luis and his crew will be the last and final job! Luis was thorough during the job, and kept me updated on all aspects of the repairs. His explanations were complete and concise, with no guess-working needed on my part.

I work from home and was not distracted or disturbed by the work outside on the deck. Compared to the previous jobs completed with multiple workers, Luis did the same work with fewer men.

I was impressed from his first inspection during the bid process, to the final day when the job was completed.

Luis was professional and courteous throughout the job, and I am confident that his work will be the last repair needed on my deck!”

Michael Robinson, Harbor Reach at the Lake Condos

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