specialty projects

We offer a full range of services for specialty projects including water leak and invasive investigations, water and fire restoration, and fire code improvements.



A leaking roof or other areas of water intrusion can cause damage to a building’s structure and materials. Because we live in the wet Pacific Northwest climate, our buildings are more prone to water leaks and other environmental damage. We at Ruff Construction are experts in water leak investigation. We will pinpoint the cause of the leak and determine the scope of the damage and work needed to repair it. Learn more about our water restoration services.
Invasive investigations may be needed to determine the extent of the damaged caused by water and other environmental factors. In this case, we will remove damaged building materials and open up parts of the building’s envelope to correctly diagnose the problem.
Often our multi-family communities are looking for a report on the condition of their building’s structure. We will come out a do a thorough investigation with a detailed report of the building’s health and any repairs that may be needed.



RCI manages all standard fire code improvements, legally required by multi-family communities. Sprinkler system installations, fire panel upgrades and replacements, control bells, alarms and pull stations are all services that we facilitate and manage for our clients.



We offer minor siding replacement as small as updating one piece of siding, trim or flashing. Siding replacements can include upgrading weather barriers with Vycor® self adhere membranes (SAM), beneath the siding and flashing around windows and exterior doors, to protect and prevent damage.
Smaller-scale envelope services in areas with minor damage, such as replacing siding (re-clad) on one elevation of a building are a common project on many of our job sites. Our envelope services include replacing windows or other exterior components, and major renovations such as reframing and cladding of an entire multi-family community. Envelope and Re-Clad renovations are often driven by damage to a building’s exterior.

specialty projects


Along with diagnosing water leaks and areas of water intrusion, we offer a full line of services to restore the damage caused by water and fire. Whether it is a hot water tank leak, damage from cracked pipes, or a small kitchen fire, we restore structures back to their original state. We work closely with insurance companies and handle any prep or demo work, making it less work for our multi-family clients.



If your fencing needs maintenance, repair or replacement – we can help. We work with all types of fencing materials including chain, composite, vinyl, cedar for houses, condominiums and other multi-family communities. Prepping and coating services include pressure washing, staining, paint and more.


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