Sir Cedric

Ruff Construction was awarded the contract of the landing project in early 2013, the project consisted of rebuilding eight sets of entry staircases and landings while updating the overall visual appearance of the building. The project is phased over the course of 3-4 years and in late 2014 our team completed the 3rd and 4th entry stack. The project was especially difficult due to not interrupting the ability to access or depart the 6 homes (per stack) while rebuilding the staircases as well as the application of the Elastomeric waterproofing membrane. Our crews worked diligently throughout this project with erecting suspended walkways and temporary stairs to not interfere with the resident’s ability to leave or return home. We look forward in returning to the project for the 3rd phase come spring 2015.

Sir Cedric (29) Sir Cedric (28)