Forest Isle

Ruff Construction worked closely with the Board of Directors throughout this multiple phased deck renovation project. RCI, Board of Directors and a local Engineer Firm worked together during the investigation of the decks determining the extent of the water infiltration. Due to the logistics the project was determined to be completed over a two-year period. The initial scope of repair was replacement of the deck sheathing with upgrading the flashing details to be incorporated with the new Elastomeric waterproofing membrane. Throughout the project there were several obstacles to overcome dealing with structural repairs to the framing of the garage header as well as mid-span beams in the garage as parking was very limited and closure of the garages were somewhat of an inconvenience to the residents, our crews worked diligently in returning the garages to the owners—ahead of schedule. The project was completed in the winter of 2014, providing the clients with a brand new deck to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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