The Bridgeview project originally began as a standard deck renovation project with complete replacement of all deck sheathing and the outdated parapet deck walls. The standard scope of repair was to insure positive deck slope with the application of an Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane while updating the overall look with new Aluminum Railings.

Upon commencement of the deck project, we uncovered that the structures framing had been deteriorated due to extensive points of water intrusion through failure of installation of the Weather Resistant Barrier and appropriate flashings.

The simple deck project had turned to a complete renovation of the exterior:

Removing all the existing vinyl and stucco fa├žade and completely rebuilding the decks to current building codes. The structure’s framing and wall sheathing was extensively rebuilt due to the extensiveness of the water intrusion. Throughout the structural repairs, our team worked closely with a local Engineer and Consultant firm, as well as several meetings held throughout the project with firms based out of the great Northwest; thus, insuring that the best of materials were chosen for installation down to curb appeal.

At completion, our clients were extremely happy with what had transformed from what was once an eyesore in the Ballard area to a very modernized, multi-use building that the residents can once again call their home.

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