Michael D. Johnson, President

Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1985, I worked with my dad building spec and custom homes in a small town in northern Montana. Upon moving to Washington, I accepted a position at the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington. After one short year, I realized I needed to work outside and get back to my roots in the construction industry, so I took a job with a construction company that worked primarily on Multi-Family buildings. I got to know the Association Managers and the processes of working with Board of Directors and the Association Managers. Within a few short months I became the company’s manager, but realized I needed/wanted to start my own company.

I convinced my step brother, Ed Ruff, to move to Seattle and start a business with me. In February of 1987, Ruff Construction was founded. Shortly after getting the business up and running, Ed moved back home and I took over the business entirely with a focus on building long term relationships with Association Managers, Property Managers and Board of Directors. Some of which, I’m happy to say, we still work with today.

In 2009, we purchased a beautiful 1.3 acre property in Woodinville which houses our large shop and office. We currently have over 30 employees on staff. Ruff Construction has prided itself on craftsmanship and customer service during our 28 years of service.IMG_7346