Dawn Fraser, Project Coordinator/Office Manager

Ruff Construction welcomed Dawn Fraser to their team in January 2013. As Project Coordinator/Office Manager at Ruff Construction, Inc., Dawn, is the primary point of contact between our Association Managers and Ruff Construction. Dawn plays a key role in the coordination of each and every one of our projects. Her position is crucial to the entire team. Our customers rely on her to communicate with them throughout the duration of each project and in addition, communicate with the community residents. Dawn is responsible for scheduling site visits by both our Estimators, Project Managers and our field technicians.

Dawn comes to Ruff Construction with experience in Commercial Property Management as well as Commercial Lending. In addition, Dawn has a strong background in Customer Service. She spent nearly 13 years working closely with the customer service department at a local software company. Beyond her professional experience, she has a strong understanding of the construction and building industry.

Here is what Dawn had to say about her role as Project Coordinator:

“I sometimes feel that my position is the “glue” the keeps our office together, and that’s a position I’m happy to fill. Project Coordination requires organization and time management in order to ensure schedules and projects run smoothly and efficiently. This requires my attention at all times as our clients depend on me to provide them with the service that both they and their customers desire.

I am very much a people person. My personality allows me to easily get along with people in all walks of life. I believe my passion for customer service matched with my personality, allows me to fit this role very well. That being said, I couldn’t do my job without the great team of individuals that I work with. I absolutely love my job and the entire Ruff Construction team.”

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